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10 most common mistakes to avoid when buying a central vacuum cleaner

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Central Vacuum

The central vacuum is a cleaning system that involves placing a small central vacuum unit at one point of the house (garage, storage room, closet, etc.), and attach it to the various inlet valves distributed throughout the house through a network of pipes that are enabled in the walls, false ceilings, floors, and other holes in the house. Finally, and by means of a hose connected to the chosen suction socket, it only remains to place the most suitable accessory and get down to work.

Central Vacuum is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of central vacuum units, the result of extensive experience acquired over years of work and research, always with high-quality products that incorporate the most current and innovative technologies without forgetting a modern design, and functional.

The central vacuum unit is also characterized by its low noise level. Its installation is place outside the area where daily life takes place, avoids the annoying noise produced by conventional central vacuum powerhead kit. This gives the possibility of using it at any time of the day, without time limitations and without fear of disturbing anyone.

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Aesthetics and design

Central Vacuum offers a wide variety of shapes and colors for the suction intakes throughout the home. The wide range of models allows the user to keep the style of their home in perfect harmony. In the same way, there is also a wide range of different designs and shades for the central collector.

Alternatives for all comforts

The ease of use is one of the main advantages of this system. By simply connecting the hose to the suction socket, the system is ready to start cleaning with minimal effort.

A very interesting feature is the possibility of installing the new retractable hose system that provides even more lightness and total integration. The hose is hidden in the installed socket and it is only necessary to extract the desired length and connect the suction accessory to be used in the cleaning process.

Another important element of the system is: “the central collector”, a suction outlet placed in the kitchen. This collector is easily operated with the foot and it is responsible for sending all the dirt collected in the kitchen to the central vacuum cleaner.

Central Vacuum offers multiple options to the user depending on the needs of the installation. The centralized vacuum system offers the possibility of working with devices that require a changeable bag every 3-4 months or with vacuum cleaners that incorporate cyclone technology and do not require a bag.

Maintenance and savings

The cleaning system presented by CENTRAL VACUUM offers the user a comfortable and safe solution for many years. The CENTRAL VACUUM requires no maintenance other than cleaning the central filters every 6 months. HEPA filters are fully washable, let them dry and that’s it.

This system offers greater suction power with lower consumption. A practical and economical installation for daily use that considerably improves the quality of life.

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