• Wed. May 18th, 2022

Best Selling – Self Propelled Lawn Mowers under 300

best self propelled lawn mower for hills

Yard Machines Lawn Mower

The Yard Machines brand lawn mower is a machine that runs on gasoline and has a 159 cc engine, it is an excellent tool for cutting small or medium-sized gardens.

Its 53-centimeter steel platform guarantees a powerful cut, and its height adjustment provides comfort and ease of use at all times.

Being a front-wheel drive mower, a fast cut can be achieved through the single-speed transmission, it has 20-centimeter wheels that offer adequate maneuverability. 

The Yard Machines mower weighs 32.6 kg and measures 91.4 x 58.4 x 43 centimeters. 

Because we like it?

  • Power source: Gasoline
  • 159cc engine
  • 53 centimeter steel deck
  • With height adjustment
  • Single speed transmission

Our Verdict: The Yard Machines mower is the perfect tool for people who have a small to medium lawn.

What is a self propelled lawn mower?

A self-propelled mower differs greatly from a push mower in that the latter rely on the force of the person to be able to push the machine through the grass and make the necessary cuts. The best self propelled push lawn mower for hills practically moves forward by itself, the user stands at the back to make a slight push to remove some tension in order not to have to use too much force when working.

Characteristics of a self-propelled mower


Most self-propelled lawn mowers weigh around 27 kilograms or more than this.


Some self-propelled lawn mowers have only one speed, although other models may have higher speed settings of up to 4 mph.

A larger lawn may require a faster or more varied speed setting, while a small lawn may accommodate a single speed mower.


Many self-propelled lawn mowers can emit a lot of noise while in operation, if noise levels are important to you, be sure to look for a quieter model, for example, a lawnmower that runs on a lithium-ion battery (cordless ).


As with any machine, it is vitally important to take care of it and carry out effective maintenance.

If you don’t perform the correct maintenance, you may start to see a decrease in the power or performance of your self-propelled riding mower. You may need regular oil changes to ensure a long life for your tool. 

When the engine is warm and the engine and fuel valve are off, drain the oil. Remove visible dirt and debris. Then you can add new oil, which is recommended for your lawnmower.

You should also constantly check the condition of the blades, as being well sharpened gives you good performance, check them for corrosion, cracks, or blunt areas, and always replace them with new blades when appropriate. Always make sure the fuel valve is closed and disconnect the spark plug cap. 

How to fix the cord of the self-propelled mower?

If you need to replace the cable on your self propelled lawn mower, remember that the drive cable connects the drive control lever with the transmission, therefore it is a very important part of the machine. 

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