• Wed. May 18th, 2022

How Do I Create An Invoice?

How do I create an invoice?

In order to settle a product or service that has been sold, you need to be able to write invoices – otherwise your account will look bad. 

According to ยง 14 UStG , this is mandatory for deliveries and services in connection with a property, a company or a legal person within 6 months.

Most of the time you make the whole thing a lot more complicated than it actually is. You will quickly see how easy it can be to write an invoice through our clear checklist.

So what exactly does your bill include? At first it can be a little difficult to filter out the right data and know exactly how to build it up. Basically, you can use the following checklist as a guide to ensure that you don’t forget anything:

  • Address of the biller and bill recipient 
  • Tax number or identification number (UST-IdNr.)
  • Date of issue of the invoice
  • Consecutive invoice number with unique numbers
  • Scope and type of service provided
  • Date of the service provided  
  • Invoice amount including the net amount of the invoice, indication of the sales tax rate, amount of the tax amount
  • Discounts, cash discounts *
  • Payment deadline : According to the BGB, an invoice is due immediately, the usual payment term is approx. 14 days.
  • Note on the retention obligation for private invoices (customer is obliged to keep the invoice for two years)
  • Footer area: meaningful voluntary information such as bank details and contact details (email, telephone number, tax number)

Price reduction for immediate payment [in cash] or compliance with a short payment period

And what exactly should that look like? Before you go to Word and set everything up yourself, you can download a template here that meets your requirements. 

Paperwork is exhausting – companies like Lexoffice know it all too well. Tools that simplify bookkeeping are extremely important for founders. Time is saved and can instead flow directly into business optimization. In addition, there are no longer any limits to your work: Even when you’re on the move, you can quickly devote yourself to your offers, invoices and delivery notes and always have an overview – digital makes it possible. With providers like Lexoffice, you are even guaranteed that nothing happens to your confidential data. Also useful: you can also grant your tax advisor access. This eliminates a number of hours of work in which you have to bury yourself in your folders in order to be able to transmit relevant information.

For you, that means time savings in accounting and instead time savings for optimizing your startup!

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