• Wed. May 18th, 2022

This Is How You Protect Your Car Against Winter

In the cold season, road salt, dirt and moisture form an aggressive mixture that attacks the paintwork and bodywork. Since snow and ice are still a long time coming, drivers now have the option of preventing the risk of rust.

  • A car parking shed can help in protecting your car’s paint from extreme temperature and snow fall. A fully protected car parking shed can save you from removing tons of snow from the car.
  • The winter has spared most cars and their drivers so far, so there have been hardly any road salt attacks. But one thing is certain: it will not stay that way. So if you prepare for the cold snap now, you won’t have any problems with rust later.
  • A car wash is not only used to look good, but also to maintain its value. This is especially true in winter, when the gray veil of road dirt, grit and road salt clogs the paintwork. The subfloor in particular suffers from salt and moisture. Any weak points should therefore now be repaired so that the rust does not find a point of attack.
  • The same applies to damage to the paintwork. Removing stone chips and scratches will keep the car’s protective layer functional. Ideally, the wax layer on the paintwork is also renewed in the car wash before the onset of winter.
  • In general, a regular car wash is also recommended in the cold season, even if the vehicle is dirty again after a few kilometers. Because cleaning protects the paintwork and the technology in the long term. This is because salt is thrown up from the streets, especially when the weather thaws, and can penetrate deep into cracks and cavities in the chassis and body.
  • Rubber seals on windows and doors as well as plastic parts are also affected. Special care products from specialist retailers help to prevent embrittlement. To prevent seals from freezing on the next temperature drop, it is also advisable to grease them on windows and doors with deer tallow, Vaseline or a special agent.

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