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Trade fairs & POS: How to get noticed even with a small marketing budget

trade fairs and pos

At the very beginning, every start-up is faced with the task of making its offer known. In addition to online measures, presence at trade fairs, conferences or at the point of sale is extremely important. The problem: Especially at the beginning, the marketing budget is rather limited. With a little creativity, however, a lot can be achieved even with a small budget. For example, with the help of eye-catching and comparatively inexpensive floor advertising!

Whether for a trade fair, conference or stationary retail, the challenge is to somehow attract attention between the abundance of stands or products. Is that only possible with expensive trade fair designs and superstructures? Not necessarily! For example, floor advertising offers effective and at the same time inexpensive possibilities for this.

Surprisingly, despite its size and ubiquity, the soil is used less often than other areas. It can be sensational, easily reused and used inexpensively. In addition, a consistent room image can be created with the help of a targeted floor design. A very important aspect, since holistically designed rooms attract the viewer’s gaze, emotionalise visitors more strongly and allow them to better immerse themselves in the product world.

How can that look in practice? Fotoboden , a service provider for printable vinyl floors, shows us examples of the design of effective floors at trade fairs and at the POS .

Holistic spatial effect attracts

The young company Gigaaa realized a deliberately minimalist exhibition stand at the IFA. It basically only consisted of a conspicuous floor, a rear wall and a few superstructures. Despite the comparatively inexpensive stand construction concept, it has a high-quality appearance and the holistic interior design is already noticeable from afar. This stand even made it onto the front page of the Berliner Morgenpost.

An example that also shows what a good floor design can do at trade fairs. Just imagine this stand without the matching printed vinyl floor . The engaging effect is then almost completely gone.


Large areas of color stand out

A holistic and extremely eye-catching effect can also be achieved with colors. But even if the superstructures, shelves and counters shine in a striking pink, for example, they do not develop the striking effect like the floor. It is the large area of ​​color that not only visually delimits the stand, but also clearly highlights it, as this photo floor project clearly shows.

However, it is important that the color matches the corporate design and is color coordinated with the other stand elements. After all, in addition to attracting attention, it is also about a high-quality and characteristic external effect. Therefore, it should always be a floor individually printed in the company color and not a standard product!

Highlight the point of sale

If you want to place a product in stationary retail, you have to compete with many products and visual stimuli. Floor advertising can also be an inexpensive and effective support at the point of sale. Instead of large displays and stands, the floor area attracts attention. Product shelves and floor form a harmoniously designed visual unit that is precisely what attracts attention.

This not only visually emphasizes new products, but also seasons them – at Christmas, New Year’s Eve or the football World Cup – in a favorable way.

DutyFree_Photo floor

Promotion action on the floor

An amusing promotion that is linked to a photo contest or simply attracts attention is always a good idea. Provided you have a funny and meaningful idea! We mostly think of an elaborate Facebook campaign or landing page with accompanying communication. An entertaining campaign in or in front of a shop, at a trade fair or conference can be realized much more easily and cheaply. Here too, of course, on the floor.

A vinyl mat, for example with a pool and 3D effect, can be used for a photo competition or as a selfie backdrop. Or you can get people passing by from their routine and remind them to just do something nice again. These and similar promotions are inexpensive surprises that attract positive attention.


You can find more examples and suggestions at Fotoboden.de

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