• Wed. May 18th, 2022

Have you decided to give up the care of eyeglasses and want to try contact lenses? Then you should know that lenses are easy to use and a perfect alternative to glasses. If you still don’t know how to choose and use them, read on, and you will learn everything you need to know !!

We have prepared absolutely everything for you, from how to choose the best contact lenses in Pakistan to guide you on how to use and maintain them. There are a lot of tips that any beginner and a long-time wearer will find valuable. Know for a pleasant and lasting experience with contact lenses!

What are Contact Lenses?

Cosmetic accessories or medical devices?

In the European Union, contact lenses are considered class IIB medical devices, which present a medium to high risk. They are used for vision correction (myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, or combinations) for therapeutic purposes (used to protect the iris after surgery) or only for aesthetic purposes, to change the color of the iris. Contact Lenses are the perfect correction solution for those who do not want to wear eyeglasses and/or have corrective surgery.

Benefits of Contact Lense

  • Contact lenses provide a complete view

Unlike eyeglasses, which impose a physical barrier, contact lenses provide a full field of view. The wearer normally sees again, as if he had no vision impairment.

The full field of view also offers extra security, as the wearer can now see from any angle. It no longer has to turn its neck every time, which is essential for drivers or those who operate industrial machinery.

  • Allow the wearing of sunglasses or sunglasses

For people who want to wear sunglasses in summer, but who also need diopters, contact lenses are the ideal solution. Because the lenses are applied directly to the eyes, the wearer can wear any pair of sunglasses or goggles.

The alternative is represented by diopter sunglasses, which, however, involve additional costs and which condition the wearer to a single pair all season.

  • Provides aesthetic comfort

Contact lenses do not change the physiognomy of the face or create a state of discomfort by wearing them.

If the wearer has large diopters, then the glasses will have thick lenses, and the glasses will be heavy. In this case, physical appearance may suffer. Contact lenses are the only aesthetic solution because they are discreet and comfortable to wear.

  • Visible makeup, more comfortable to apply and wear

For people who use makeup every day, contact lenses are the optimal solution. Makeup will be easier to apply and will stand out much better. You will have the opportunity to make the correct makeup, with straight lines, harmoniously combining colors.

For this reason, many people also choose to wear colored contact lenses on various special occasions. You can also opt for colored diopter contact lenses, which provide the same visual clarity as regular medical lenses.

  • It gives you more freedom with what you wear

Glasses should always fit your outfit, and for that, you should have a collection of at least three pairs of glasses to match several types of outfits, which can become expensive. The lenses will give you the freedom to be as creative as you want with your outfits without additional investments.

They do not steam and do not limit your field of vision, even if it is raining or snowing outside.

In conditions of rainy, snowy, or foggy weather, precipitation accumulates on the surface of the spectacle lenses and causes them to steam or stain immediately. Contact lenses will not blur your eyes in these unfavorable weather conditions because precipitation cannot be deposited on their surface.

  • They allow you to practice various activities when you go out

When you go out to a 3D movie, you will be able to watch it with special glasses without any problems. There are also special glasses for eyeglass wearers, but not all cinemas are equipped with such devices.

You can also practice any sport, regardless of its difficulty: skiing, figure skating, modern dance, fencing, karate, athletics, ballet, gymnastics, football, basketball, etc.

Who can use contact lenses

Almost anyone with vision problems can wear contact lenses. Although not necessarily seen as a solution for everyone, lenses can correct many vision problems and are not necessarily more expensive than glasses.

You can safely wear contact lenses even if:

  • You are over 60 – It is just a preconception that the elderly should not be able to contact lenses. As long as there are no other physical obstacles, people over the age of 60 can safely wear contact lenses.
  • Makeup often – One of the reluctances to contact lenses is that they should not be used by people who wear makeup frequently. With the right products and skills, you can wear lenses even if you wear makeup often.
  • You suffer from presbyopia or astigmatism – There are bifocal contact lenses that correct presbyopia and toric lenses that correct astigmatism or combinations thereof.
  • You suffer from myopic/farsighted astigmatism or a combination of conditions – Multifocal contact lenses correct myopic or farsighted astigmatism and any other combination of eye conditions.
  • You are pregnant – Wearing contact lenses does not affect in any way. During pregnancy, vision may be impaired due to hormone clearance, so it is not advisable to change the diopter during this period. Usually, these vision problems are temporary and disappear immediately after birth, when the body begins to recover.

The reasons why a person cannot wear contact lenses vary: from the existence of a health condition in the eyes to deformities or ophthalmic conditions that do not allow the eye to support the contact lenses. There is also the case when the type of condition is so advanced that there are no contact lenses to correct it.