• Wed. May 18th, 2022

Write A Basic Business Plan To Define Your Sewing Business

Writing an effective basic business plan will bring definition and clarity, to your sewing business, especially if you intend to apply for a grant or loan.

I suggest even, if you are not applying for a loan, a well laid plan will keep you on track for your objectives and goals.

I’ve know people who started a business thought they could take in every job that comes along; before long they were so overwhelmed they closed shop before they ever got started.

So in the long run defining your business with a well thought out business plan will prevent frustration, overwhelm and give you confidence and the competitive edge to succeed.

Basic Business Plan for Your Sewing Business

  1. Profile your business-What is your business about? Answering a few simple questions, where, what, when, who, and why , gives you clarity around your start-up business plan.
  2. The Products and services-give a brief description of the products and services you will be offering. Include supplies, i.e.will you offer a fabric section or notions and supplies. 
  3. The Market & Advertisement- How do you intend to market your business? Building a website is a very popular way to advertise today. If I had my shop today building a website would be my first marketing expense. I recommend SBI everything is inclusive. SBI built this site, well actually I built it, they gave me the guidelines and coaching. If I can do it so can you.
  4. The market for Longevity, stability, and to increase profits
  5. Mission Statement -what is your intent with your sewing business, what interest does it serve for you, your employees? What is the value it brings to you and the people you serve and your overall basic business plan? 
  6. Potential Income- what do you estimate your income will be for the first year, second year. What is the 5 year projection. Do you have pricing stumbling blocks? Price your jobs properly in order to estimate your expected annual income.
  7. Budget-estimate your rent, utilities, supplies, advertisement. Most seamstresses leave out the little extras when it comes to setting up a budget.
  8. Attracting Clients– Without which you have no business. Using social media, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, is a must today. Everyone is on social media. list your business Sewing Directories, it’s free. Click Here
  9. Building a website is a must not an option. At least a plan for social media such as a Facebook page, Linked In account, Pinterest or even Twitter is a must for your marketing.
  10. Business Coach- I am a certified life coach, I will help you to price your work and guide you to narrow your sewing Niche for profits. When I started my business, I thought I could make everything because I knew how to sew everything. I was a Jane of all, but not the master of all. Burn outcomes quickly when you try to be Jane or Jack of everything sewing. Because you can sew, does that mean you should take in every job?

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